The Top 5 Best Single Stage Reloading Press

(Last Updated On: June 22, 2018 )

 If you happen to go to the market to purchase a reloading press, how do you know which brand is the best single stage reloading press? It is very difficult indeed because every company is saying they are the very best but we all know that it can’t be all true.

Therefore, this article is what you need to make your search easy and profitable. Firstly, you will know the factors which makes a reloading press the best amongst others. Secondly, you will take your time to go through ten of the best brands that offers what you need.

Go ahead and get the right information!

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Single Stage Reloading Press

The market is full of many brands of single stage reloading press but getting the perfect match may not be easy. Therefore, before you go home with any of them, you have to check the following things!

Functionality, Durability and Portability of the Press

The best reloading press should work in batches as in the reloading ammo is done by using a single die at every stage and replacing after use to proceed to the next level. The machine should be fast in activities and sturdy. The press should also be portable so that you can move it. The functional part of the device matters too. Can it work for you? Then go ahead and check other things also!

Spare Parts, Accessories, and Setup

You should check out on functional parts. Are they easy to replace and fix? Can you get the dies easily? Is the user guide easy? Does it have kit and other accessories? How is the setup? All these are the things you will consider. When you are sure of these things, you can go ahead and buy things.

The Manufacturer, Availability and Maintenance

It is always good to be sure of the producer of a product before you embark on buying it because some producers are quality conscious while others are not. It is easier to buy products that has the customer’s goodwill. It will mean that the product performs impressively. Then, what are your personal needs and preferences? How easy is the maintenance of the device?

Accurate Precision, Capabilities, Prime as Well as a Priming Solution

If you desire accuracy, the best single stage reloading press for accuracy is what you need. But if you are such person that needs mass production of rifle ammo, you need the best progressive reloading press. Then check the capacity of the reloader. You can be on the lookout for its prime or if you can add priming solution for speed. And finally, the volume which will make you know if you need multi-stage or single stage progressive reloading press. With all these, you can forge ahead and buy the one that will suit your needs.

Reviews of the Best Single Stage Reloading Press:

Lee Reloading Press Md: 90045

Maybe you already have a press for bullet setting, decapping or bullet sizing; an additional reloading press is still useful for you. Lee Precision Reloading Press Md: 90045 accommodate standard 7/8 by 14 thread dies as well as standard universal reloading press shell holders. Lee is excellent in every way you want it, especially in de-priming. 

Product features :

  • Lee reloading press is useful for light-duty activities. Spent primers are caught in its body, fix the press at a distance to the workbench so that you will not unmount it or make a hole in the workbench to remove or trap the used primers. Mount Lee press between two kinds of wood, six (6) inches long of stand firing target. This gap below lee press body will allow the cleaning of the primers.
  • Lee is good for bullet pulling and crimping. The powder measures are on it, therefore no complaints about that particular uses. You can use the Lee de-capping die for de-capping. This will remove the primers from getting into your tumbler. This press can help you to save others as well as help you to keep them cleaner.
  • Lee features a breech lock. The setup is perfectly simple. The product works well and it is durable due to its sturdy nature. The lee press fits all types of dies and its lock and load system makes it easy to use. This reloading press may not be the best presses in the market but it gets your work done, it is lightweight and durable.
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    You can use it for gas checking and sizing. Do you know that the press is affordable with no compromise in quality? If there is defective part you can get it easily from the suppliers. This press can work without breaking down like a fool.


  • You can spend hours de-priming different types of brass
  • It will let the primers come out for your tumbler
  • Lee serves the purpose for getting it well
  • This press is great, it be used for hand loading load 8
  • LEE products work as they said they will work


  • The press works perfectly ok but some people wish the primer does not drop into its back base
  • times-circle-o
    Lee contains chemicals that can cause birth defects, reproductive harm as well as cancer

Hornady 095100 Lock-N-Load Auto

This is one of the best single stage reloading press that has impressive features. Check them out!

Product features :

  • Hornady is an automatic progressive reloading machine which can quickly switch dies as well as loading calibers of different make. It features five (5) station bushing technique that allows you to move from 223-45 before five (5) minutes. 
  • This wonderful press features an EZject system which reliably ejects any cartridge anytime you need it and without adjustments. There is the metering inserts which can be changed quickly. Have I said something about the universal box retainer spring and the automatic indexing mechanism? There is also the built-in priming unit, the box-activated powder drop as well as the high-capacity hopper.
  • Hornady is the best progressive reloading press which is smooth fast in action and precise. When you pull the handle once, you will see the difference between ordinary low-performance reloading presses and this high-quality performing device. The smooth receptiveness, the solid construction, and the Power-Pac Linkage technique will quicken the leverage one applies to the hand. With the AP's automatic indexing, ejection plus priming, every pull gives an accurate loaded round.
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    The Lock-N-Load mechanism is as simple as a-b-c. Insert the die bushing inside the press bushing, then twist to lock it in place. There are six lugs for securing on the press bushing and die position. It uses die with 7/8 to14 inches threads in the bushing. Adjusting of the die will put it in its proper place. Then lock the set into the position with unique Sure-Loc lock ring. Turn the die anti-clockwise for changing, retrieve it and fix in the next set for perfect alignment.
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    The quick-change metering inserts allow you to switch between powders using the push of a button. Add one to each die set for quick changeovers. The universal case retainer spring will enable you to remove and replace a case during loading. The automatic indexing system makes for smooth functioning by moving half stage on the upstroke and half stage on the down stroke. Other features include a priming system for easy changing from large to small primers; a case-activated powder drop; and a large-capacity hopper. 
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    Gauge Powder Funnel and Microjust Seating Stem is for accurate seating depth using the projectile. The whole device is the most simple and innovative original technology that can switch dies, check dies, powder measure, bullet seaters as well as crimp dies without changing the overall die head. The device is complete and can load pistols through magnum revolver cartridges. The loading rate is 500 rounds per hour.


  • The bullet seating die is also outstanding
  • Every bullet seats firmly
  • The device is consistent
  • Setup is easy
  • You do not need an expanding die for .223 cases
  • The included video will show you how much of the grease you will use
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    The powder dispenser is also surprisingly accurate


  • This press is plastic
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    The nylon tip of the primer pick-up-tube breaks on transit
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    You can’t see the bullet shifting till it crushes the case

RCBS 9356 Rock Chucker Supreme Press

You will not stand any chance to lose it if you go for this press that is on our list of the best single stage reloading press. Check it out!

Product features :

  • RCBS is made of the best quality material for reloading hunting presses. Bushnell's Rock Chucker reloading press supplies full-four inches of ram-bearing external section which helps the diameter ram.
  • The handle is of rock steel with a comfortable spherical-type grip. The device is versatile. Rock Chucker is ok for beginners and professionals. It can upgrade to the level of a progressive loader with a Piggyback. This device is used correctly for reloading heavy-duty, case forming, as well as bullet swaging.
  • The Rock Chucker Supreme press has been lengthened to allow easy loading of today's more extended cartridge designs. With the smooth operation, ambidextrous handle, outstanding strength, and versatility, the Rock Chucker Supreme is the best single stage reloading press for beginners and pros alike.
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    The Lock-N-Load mechanism is as simple as a-b-c. Insert the die bushing inside the press bushing, then twist to lock it in place. There are six lugs for securing on the press bushing and die position. It uses die with 7/8 to14 inches threads in the bushing. Adjusting of the die will put it in its proper place. Then lock the set into the position with unique Sure-Loc lock ring. Turn the die anti-clockwise for changing, retrieve it and fix in the next set for perfect alignment.
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    RCBS Rock Chucker 9356 supreme press single stage is the best reloading press for hunting activities. It is a robust press. The reloading guide will show you what you need to see about this product. The Rock Chucker gives peace of mind. Recommending this press to anyone is a fantastic recommendation. It runs smoothly with sufficient force though a little on the high side yet a "buy once cry once" case. 


  • Chucker is for smooth operation
  • Rocks ambidextrous design makes it the universal favorite
  • The company back up guarantee as well as customers support is unique
  • The press has no issues
  • This device is highly recommendable


  • The rubber spent primer catcher pinches on the press
  • times-circle-o
    There is only one primer arm assembly, for large and small primer cup
  • times-circle-o
    It is time-consuming and laborious

Lee Precision Breech lock Challenger Press

Lee precision breech features all steel connection whose lever is the adjustable length. There is an inclusion of a single Breech Lock for quick change over the bushing. It is portable as well as durable.

Product features :

  • The Lee Precision Breech Lock Challenger Press is of an "O" frame press, which by making is the sturdiest and most popular type of press. The more than average space allows for optimum hand clearance. The used primer catcher enables routing of the used primers straight into the tray.
  • The Lever Prime mechanism makes priming a dream. LEE is the best single stage reloading press of its kind l as it comes with its Breech Lock Quick Change die system. It changes die quickly with a little twist of the wrist without re-adjusting your die.
  • It performs well in getting side work jobs of changing military brass, sizing lead hard cast bullets, as well as loading 308 rifle rounds. Lee works at specific standard. Lee is a quality single stage press. The kit comes with complete accessories. There is an added primer feeder which can aid the unit too. Replacement is easy since you can order directly from Lee company website.
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    Most of the time, the part order has no charge unless for shipping fare. The different color of lee machines suits many out there. Lee is red and fits many peoples' need and budget perfectly.
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    This press requires little effort to use than many. There are no issues observed with the used primer recovery tube; you must have the primer installer tool installed for proper work. It is well-built, considerably affordable, and looks beautiful too. It features priming arms for big and small primers with a primer tube to pickup de-primed brass. The handle is adjustable and can move to either side as well as for length.


  • The half-turn "breech-lock-quick-change" is good too
  • The device can reload many calibers
  • The materials are well made and heavy duty
  • You can deprime a couple of rounds with the de-primer
  • This machine works with a simple set up


  • There are no mounting hardware
  • The breech nuts are a bit pricey

MEC 600 Jr Mark V 12 Gauge Press

Here is another press with unique features!

Product features :

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    Cam-action crimp dies undoubtedly returns each shell to its original condition. Series mark V shotshell reloaded is fast, wad positioning is smooth, and the Spandex Crimp Starter aligns itself by swiveling.
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    That way, it will attain correct original case folds. The type-shot-shell reloading press can load six to eight (6-8) cases per hour. The device is adjustable to 3 inches shells. You can upgrade with 285 CA essential coverage nosh.
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    This device is very simple to setup as well as easy use. There is not much adjustment to make. The powder and shot hoppers filled.
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    The production is for comfort and relaxation. It is worth the effort and time. This product is consistent with the shells.


  • This superb machine gives excellent results
  • It might not be the best single stage reloading press or the best single necessary feed device, but it is unique in its operation. 
  • The device is sturdy
  • This special machine is of high quality


  • When you are pressed for time as well as load volume the device may not come up for you
  • times-circle-o
    They included 3 powder bushings, but to hit the sweet spot you might have to purchase additional bushings


The best single stage reloading press is good for starters as well as pros because they are cheaper and compact. Therefore they won't give the user much concern. Given that they are cheap does not mean there is a compromise in quality and functionality. That is why we can bring out phenomenal presses. Choosing this from our list will give you first-hand information and experience. If you also watch the YouTube video of these products, you will see them in action, and you will then feel more confident about their quality.

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