Best Way to Sit on Toilet when Constipated

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Constipation can be miserable. If you have experienced it, you will understand how helpless the situation is. You push, push and push, but it doesn’t work. Soon, you feel the pain. If you know the best way to sit on toilet when constipated, you will be able to pass the stool easily.

Reasons for constipation

Constipation is a common problem that people suffer from. Various reasons can lead to constipation. If you have low-fiber diets all the time, then it can cause constipation. High blood sugar is another reason for constipation. It can damage your intestine, and so you have difficulty in passing fees. Another reason for constipation that most people are not aware of is toilet posture. Proper toilet posture can help you eliminate stool. You can check this home appliance site to know more about it.

Best way to sit on toilet when constipated

In ancient times, there was no modern toilet. People used to go outside and squat to release their feces. The squatting posture is the best way to sit on the toilet if you have constipation. It can pass the stool easily and without any pain. When you squat, the position of your colon changes so that the feces can pass straight down. You don’t need to push hard. Make sure you get bidet attachments at for your toilet.


A study was conducted to test which type of toilet is best for eliminating feces. Three types of toilets were used in the study: the standard seat, which is 16 inches from the ground, the low seat which is 12 inches from the ground and a squat toilet. It was found that those who used the squat toilet could get rid of their feces more quickly and with less effort. There is evidence from yoga also that a particular angle of the back, hip and torso makes it convenient for the stool to pass.

Taking the squat position on a modern toilet

The squat toilets are no longer used in the developed nations. You can still find them in remote areas or underdeveloped countries. If you have constipation, you won’t need to break your modern toilet and install a squat toilet in its position. You can also take this position on your modern toilet. Many modern toilets now have bidets. You should buy the best bidet attachment so that it helps you to clean your genitals after defecation.  Here are the steps you should follow to get into a squat position on a modern toilet:

  • You should position your feet in such a way that it levels with your buttocks. This way you will get the correct back, hip and torso angle. In a squat toilet, you put your weight on the feet. But in case of the modern toilet all you have to do is elevate your feet so that it levels with the buttocks. You can use a footrest to keep your feet in that position.
  • If you have trouble getting into the elevated feet position, you can take the ‘thinker’ position. It’s the position in between sitting and squatting. To get to this position you should put your elbows on your knees and lean forward. Make sure you look down. This position results in a better angle between anus and rectum so that you can defecate easily.
  • You can do a breathing exercise. You need to breathe slower and less frequently.  First, exhale and then pinch your nose to hold your breath for 20 seconds. After that, inhale only through the nose and breathe slowly. Make sure you don’t breathe through your mouth during this time. Repeat this a few times.
  • Try to bulge your stomach muscles forward while taking a deep breath. Then relax the anal sphincter so that your bottom opens and the stool may come out. Take a deep breath to create pressure in the abdomen. It will push down the stool towards your anus.

You should change your diet and include lots of high fiber food like apples, pears, spinach, etc. to reduce the chances of constipation. Try to move around a bit or do some exercise. This may also help in defecating. Always you the right toilet posture to get relief from constipation problem.

Best Way to Sit on Toilet when Constipated
Best Way to Sit on Toilet when Constipated

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