Helpful Hints For Sucessful Window Boxes

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Do you want to create window boxes that stand out and look great during both the summer and winter?

Needless to say, we’re sure you do. So, we asked Soothing Walls for some help and advice and they followed through with these tips
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    Always use a high quality potting soil mix in your window boxes. It is not always necessary to refill them prior to each season, as I find that a good amount of usable soil remains every year. The key is to move the soil around a bit in the box and stir things up.
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    When you do mix the soil, consider adding some water-preserving crystals to the blend. These are terrific at absorbing water by transforming into transparent globs that provide a time-release dose of moisture whenever needed. Several of my window boxes are placed on the second floor of the house, and because it can be difficult to water them, these crystals are extremely helpful!
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    Always fertilize! To my mind, Miracle Gro Bloom Booster applied once a week is really all that is needed. Prior to discovering this product, I was confused as to why I did not get the amazing blooms I would see elsewhere. Now I know!
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    Do not be stingy with plants! Disregard what you have heard about spacing your specimens away from one another. I heeded that advice initially, but found that the end result was a sparse box that was not terribly attractive. I have been known to plant an entire flat in a single box in order to achieve the fullness I love.
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    Make sure to use appropriate plants in the boxes you create. Check to be certain that the flowers you want to incorporate in the design are able to flourish in a particular location. Verify that the amount of sunlight they will receive is sufficient for them to grow and that the colors are complementary to one another.


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Helpful Hints For Sucessful Window Boxes
Helpful Hints For Sucessful Window Boxes

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