How Long Does Perfume Last

(Last Updated On: January 17, 2019 )

Perfumes are made and designed for different purposes. There are those made for skin, others for clothes and other for hair. So how long does perfume last? Perfumes have different age limits but in general, a perfume which is not opened should stay for 4-5 years before expiring. Many people never though perfumes expire. However, perfumes expire like any other chemical made product.

However for an open bottle perfume stays for around one year. The length of an open bottle is however determined by storage method after opening the perfume bottle. There are perfumes which have atomizer do evaporate which last longer than the ones which use a cap.
The good thing about perfumes is that they don’t become bad as fast as milk. It’s very hard for them to spoil, you know perfume is not as good as you bought them after they change their color and even smell too. So if you notice that the composition of your perfume is changing and its smell is changed too that that means it’s gone off and you should change it. It’s gone to know that using perfume which has gone off change cause irritation to your skin or even some allergic reactions and that is not something you should take lightly. 

How Long Does Cologne Last on Skin?

Cologne can last more than 24 hours on your skin but the most popular perfumes last between 3 to 12 hours. There however different factors which determine the number of hours a perfume will last on your skin. Some of the things which determine the number of hours is the perfume concentration, composition, and even your skin type. More to that the art and chemistry in that perfume is also a very huge determinant.

The number of hours perfume last on the skin is however different on the number of hours it lasts on clothes. How long does perfume last on clothes is not determinant the type of clothes you wear but by the type of perfume you use. There are perfumes made specifically for clothes and others for the skin. In most cases, the manufactures indicate because clothe perfumes could be of effect when applied or sprayed on the skin while skin perfumes can leave some marks when sprayed or even applied on clothes.

How to Choose the Right Perfume for Your Body Chemistry

When choosing perfumes everyone looks for the explosive mixture which gives spice to our lives remaining attractive to everyone. Bodies are not the same and each body has their own distinct scent. The scent of each body determines the type of perfume you should wear because not all perfumes will match your body scent. Therefore when buying colognes you should make sure you understand your body so that you take the perfume which perfectly matches your body type which is one of the best ways to answering the question, how long does perfume last on the skin or clothes.

If you ever tried your friend’s perfume which is always awesome on them you may notice it may notice that it sounds different on them that it is on you. The difference determines whether a perfume is a blazing fire of even fizzling flop on you. No matter how expensive a brand is how much you may love it you must be prepared to do away with it if it doesn’t work for you. When it comes to perfumes you have to be picky as well as demanding. Insist on what works for you only since it’s a good factor in raising self-confidence. Your skin should guide you on the type of perfume you go for. You should know whether your skin is acidic, dry, moisture among other factors.

Getting the right chemistry may take time and involve a lot of time during the trial phase. Take your time during the trial and error phase. If a chemistry does not work for you then don’t get tired kick that out and head back to the drawing board.


The question of how long does perfume last may be hard to explain in detail since new products are being introduced into the market day in day out. What is important is getting what works best for you. The price of a spray does not determine the quality. Take time to choose the best product for you.

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