How to Clean Timberland Boots With Soap and Water

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Timberland boots are a very great compliment to casual wears, especially during cold seasons. They are also very good when working outdoors. The only question is how to clean this boots since they have been excellent over the years. Timberland cleaning detergents could be very expensive which leaves people looking for other cheaper solutions. In this article, we will be teaching you the different methods to clean timberland boots including how to clean timberland boots with soap and water only.

How to Prepare Your Timberland Boots for Cleaning

The main thing in cleaning timberland is probably the cleaning preparation. The first thing is the removal of dirt and debris which can be removed using a brush or even a towel. You have to know the part which needs to be paid attention to and more to that if your boot is smelly then take action by ensuring to pay attention to its sole.
Using the brush or towel brush remove all the dirt particles and then remove the shoelaces and soak them in a soapy water. Once that’s done your shoes are now ready for washing.

Cleaning Timberlands With Soap, Water, Brush and a Cloth

Have you been wondering how to clean timberland boots with soap and water? It’s very simple and you do not have to have additional ingredients. With only soap and water, your boot can shine very well. The beauty of using soap and water is because they are easily available and so you do not have to worry how to clean black timberland, white or even the original brown ones. There is, however, some little variations when using soap and water to clean your boots. One of the main things to consider is whether the boots are leather or suede.
When it comes to the original timberland shoes you must start by cleaning the bottom part of the boot using soapy water and toothbrush or any other recommended brush for that case. This must be done in a gentle way to apply the soap to the brush and then gently clean the shoe all around. 

When you see that the sole of the timberland and its bottom side are clean it’s important to let them dry first before starting the upper side of the boot. After the lower side is dry you can now move to the upper side. This side has to be cleaned with care because it’s the image of the shoe and stains should not be left after cleaning. The cleaning of the upper side is very simple. Take a very soft cloth and dip it in clean soapy water. The cloth will be enough if the shoe does not have stains. However, if there are stains introduce a brush and it will be enough to take care of the stains. Once your shoes are clean wipe them with clean dry cloth and then let them dry in air.

Even though using soap and water works as well as using other timberland detergents there are times when you may have to soak the boots in soapy water. This is because the effects of soap and water may not be as fast as the other detergent. However, soaking happens when the boot is having very serious stains or when it has a very serious odor. One thing you must note about timberlands is that they are very prone to odor especially where they are worn by people who are very sweaty.


Understanding how to clean timberland boots with soap and water may not be easy because this method does not always produce the best results. The good thing is that if this method does not work then you can use the Timberland cleaning kit. Cleaning with water can damage the material of this shoe but using this kit you are sure because it’s a dry kit and it’s specifically designed to clean Timberland boots.

Timberland cleaning kit is however very pricey so it always depends on you as the buyer whether you want to buy this kit. This kit is however good since it contains a nylon brush, dirt removing tools, grime and cleaner bar.

How to Clean Timberland Boots With Soap and Water
How to Clean Timberland Boots With Soap and Water

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