How to Fix a Recliner Footrest

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Reclining chairs have been famous for centuries and some have been in existence for over 100 years. This recliner chairs are very relaxing and comfortable, especially after a tiresome day. However, you should have an idea how to fix a recliner footrest if it’s malfunctioning, see Pittsburgh Appliance Repair homepage if you need professional help. You should know that if a recliner chair is not well balanced it can cause more frustration that relaxation hence the need to have a well-functioning chair. A footrest can become loose because of continuous use of even misuse. I such cases it should be secured before it’s completely damaged. 

What Is Causing Your Recliner to Lean on One Side?

Before deciding to repair or even researching on how to fix a recliner footrest you should know what actually is causing the chair to lean on one side. This is because recliner chairs have many movable parts and you should identify the specific one which is causing this problem. Also, understand that if one part of the chair breaks down then the whole chair will be affected by that part. Identifying the problematic part makes the repairing work very simple since you have a point of focus.

There are many ways on how you can fix a recliner footrest. In this article, we will, however, go through several steps on how you can fix the problem.

Step 1

In fixing a recliner footrest start by extending the recliner and flip it so as to gain access to under lower side of the footrest. When you have access to the underside notice the bracket which is used to connect the footrest and then check whether those screws are loose and needed tightening. More to that you can check whether the screw holes are stripped and whether they require screw replacement.

Step 2

The second most important thing is to tighten the screws if you found them loose. In tightening this screws use the right screwdriver. There are instances where the screws may not tighten. In such a case remove the crews completely.

Step 3

The third thing is replacing the old screws which did not tighten with longer screws. During the buying of the new screws ensure that you buy wood screws. In this case, even though you need slightly longer screws than the one you removed do not go for the very long ones. This is because the very long ones can drive up to the top of the footrest which may again make the chair very uncomfortable. The right screw will, however, hold the footrest in a more secure manner making it more comfortable and secure to use. One more also check the rest bracket and replace the existing screws with new ones by ensuring that they are a snug. After replacing all the screws you can now turn the chair upright.

How to Fix Recliner Chair Springs by Disabling the Swivel

Once the recliner and footrest are functioning well you can now decide to disable the swivel function to stop the chair from turning. In many cases, the swivel contributes a lot to the destruction of the recliner and footrest and that’s why it’s important to disable it to ensure that your recliner hair lasts longer. The process of disabling the swivel is simple since it simply involves adding several screws to the lower or base of the chair. 

In the case of disabling a swivel simply turn over the recliner to ensure that it faces upwards. It may not be possible to do that alone so you may need the help of a friend. After turning it spin the base of the chair to ensure that the holes on the swivel are in line with the holes of the chair base. The other thing is pacing the spacer bushing where they are required in between the holes. Conclude by passing screws through the holes at the swivel base going between the bushings and into the recliner and then tighten the screws completely. With that simple process, the swivel function is complete disables protecting the recliner chair from further damages.


Understanding how to fix a recliner footrest is simple and do not need to hire a professional to do it for you.

How to Fix a Recliner Footrest
How to Fix a Recliner Footrest

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