How to Get Rid of Odor in Boots

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Boots are important to everyone especially people who like going to the fields. There are many reasons why people invest in good boots some boing the fact the people are very comfortable in boots. Boots also protect you from injuries move to providing a good ankle support which is a good measure in protecting your ankles. With all these good reasons to wear boots at times, they get very smelly. Many people keep on looking for ways on how to get rid of odor in boots but most of the methods they try do not necessarily work.

What Cases Boots to Smell

Smelly boots are very uncomfortable but do you know why these boots smell? The reason is simply this odor is caused by sweat in the legs combines why the leg warmth. Feet have more sweat glands than any other body parts so when they are exposed to warmth they swear. 

The closed nature of boots does not give the foot a breathing space giving the bacteria responsible for odor a good and conducive operating space. Generally, bacteria operate in a dark humid place and goods are a great example. 

How to Clean Smelly Boots

Use of Dryer Sheets

Inserting dryer sheets in your boots can be a very effective and affordable option to eliminate odor. The problem with dryer sheets is that they work well on light odor and may not be very effective on serious odor cases. More to that there are some dryer sheets which must be warm in order to be activated. It’s important to note that you should also take out the dryer sheets out before wearing the boots.

Baking Powder

Been wondering how to get rid of odor in boots in a simple way? Baking powder is a great solution for that. Baking powder works in a great way in eliminating odor and has specifically been effective in removing odor from leather boots. It works by neutralizing the scent and it works in a magnificent way. 

Using Scent Killer

This product is specifically manufactured to deal with severe cases of odor in boots. Its use is very simple since all you have to do is to spray your boot thoroughly using this scent killer and it becomes effective in a very short period of time eliminating the scent almost immediately. This product is highly recommended and more to that it’s easily available in most stores.

Use of Specialized Insoles

Many people have struggled with understanding how to remove odor from leather boots. The use of specialized insoles has helped many people get rid of that irritating smell. These insoles work by absorbing odors without any need of air penetration or even breathability.

There are many types of insoles but the best ones are made of activated charcoal filters which are the most recommended eliminators of combat odors. These insoles, however, wear out very fast, especially where your legs are very sweaty and you are required to replace then very regularly.

The main problem with these insoles is that they are very expensive which may be a problem since they should be replaced after a short time. However, for a person willing to spend to eliminate odor, this is the best method to go for. They work in a very effective manner and will make you have that confidence when removing your shoes.

Wash and Freeze the Boots

This may look a little bit weird. However, it’s a proven way if you understand how bacteria work. It’s good to know that bacteria cannot exist in chill so by freezing the boots you make them inactive therefore eliminating the odor caused by them. However, in a case like freezing, you will have to defrost them first before wearing.


Understanding how to get rid of odor in boots is not complicated. Use your preferred method from the above-listed ones and it will work excellently for you. Most of these methods are easy to apply meaning that if one method does not work then you can try another one. This whole case can, however, be prevented by ensuring you wear clean shoes with the right pair of clean socks.

How to Get Rid of Odor in Boots
How to Get Rid of Odor in Boots

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