Indoor Cycling Routines

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Indoor cycling might not be as refreshing as riding your bike in the open air but you can still get a lot of benefits from indoor cycling routines. This is because it is a great cardio exercise that would increase your heart beats and work out a lot of muscles. A lot of times, indoor cycling would be your only option to work out. In bad weather you might find it really challenging to go on an outdoor cycling routine. Also if you are stuck between work and studies schedule finding the time to head to the park for a session of outdoor cycling could be really tough. For these reasons, indoor cycling can be a great way to get on track. If you’re a beginner then knowing how to use a recumbent exercise bike may be very helpful.

Loosen up:

You need to warm up properly before engaging in a hot active session of indoor cycling routines. Warming up your muscles is a great way to get them all loosened up and ready for the workout session.

What you need to do is to get on your bike and start pedaling without adding any resistance. You can increase cadence every 30 seconds for at least 2 minutes until you reach the highest cadence you can put up with. After that you can rest and pedal easily for 2 minutes.

After the rest you should start to increase your resistance. Do this every 30 seconds and increase your resistance until the maximum level you can put with. Maintain the highest level of resistance you can pedal at and keep that for 2 minutes.

This technique is enough to warm up your muscles before you can start your workout.

Go full speed:

Going full speed gets your muscles working as your heart rate speeds up. This is the only way to increase your endurance and to increase your workout capacity. What you need to do is to increase your pace to maximum level for 30 seconds then slow back to a nice easy pace for another 30 seconds. Do this back and forth for 5 intervals. This will allow your muscles to move at full capacity before they recover from the exhaustion. If you are an experienced rider you can do that for 1 minute. After you are done for 6 intervals you can cycle at neutral pace for 5 minutes before you start this routine again.

Simulating hills:

Spending 10 to 15 minutes on simulating hills can help you increase your power and stamina. After warming up you should ride at about 50% of your maximum resistance. You can do that for 5 minutes straight. Once you start the climb, aim at increasing your resistance gradually. Take it slow and do that for another 5 minutes. The gradual increase will allow your muscles to adjust to the new effort. Keep on increasing your resistance until it pushes you to slow down your speed and keep on doing that for another 5 minutes. Decrease the resistance gradually and allow your muscles to cool off for 5 minutes.

These indoor cycling routines are so beneficial at increasing your stamina and at working your muscles. Stick to them and you will see how indoor cycling works for you.  You may also wanna look at the list of the very best recumbent bikes.

Indoor Cycling Routines
Indoor Cycling Routines

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