Power Tower Workout Plan

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Power Tower Workout Plan

The power tower is an amazing exercise equipment that allows people to build their muscles, with movements from the torso and the hips. It is used to perform chin ups, pull ups and dips to build the muscles of the chest, the shoulders, the arms and upper and lower abs. You need to understand the equipment well, if you want to have an effective power tower workout plan. The power tower workout equipment is used mainly for building upper body muscles but with some weights it can be used for building leg muscles, too. For making a good purchasing decision you may wanna look at the list of top quality Power Tower.

What are the different types of power tower?

The power tower can be installed at home, at the gym or the fitness club. It is suitable for all people regardless of their age or fitness level. Choose the most power tower workout by choosing the most appropriate equipment:

  • The push up station: This is generally used for various push-ups to strengthen the chest, triceps, shoulders and even back muscles. Most of the power tower workout routine depends on fixed bars. But sometimes you can increase or decrease the level of the bars to change the resistance level for a workout plan that is more customized.
  • The pull up station: This is used for pull ups and chin ups which are great for chest, shoulders and back muscles. You can adjust the power tower workout to perform a general abdominal workout routine. You can also use it to work your knee and leg muscles.
  • The dip station: Some machines come with a padded dip bar which is great for vertical leg and knee raises, allowing you to work your lower body muscles but with more back support for easier movements and less muscle soreness and fatigue.

What should I look for when designing an effective power tower workout?

  • Make sure that your equipment is easy to assemble and set up.
  • Your power tower should have a solid structure to be able to support your body weight in different positions. Some machines can be bolted to the floor to support heavy weight gym enthusiasts.
  • It is a plus if your power tower can be adjusted for different workout routines. If you use weights, then your equipment should have a place to store those weights for maximum convenience.

How to design the best power tower workout plan?

The best thing about the power tower workout is that it is a workout routine where you get to work all your body muscles at the same time. If you are not very fit, you can adjust the resistance level, the number of sets and the number of repetitions to better suit your needs and preferences.

You don’t need any extra equipment to fully work your body muscles. All you need is your power tower and your body weight and you will be able to design an effective workout routine.

The number of repetitions and sets depends on your fitness level and your stamina. But since some moves are more difficult than others, you might not be able to repeat them all at the same interval.

Make sure that when you are about to start with a power tower workout you will need to take vitamins and supplements to make your body stronger, you can shop here the products you will need to accomplish this.

For starters you can start with a simple routine that involves the following:

  • Pushups: minimum 5 reps.
  • Dips: minimum 5 reps.
  • Wide grip pull ups: minimum 5 reps.
  • Reverse grip pull ups: minimum 5 reps.

Now that you have worked your upper body muscles, it is time to move to lower body. Again you are not using anything but the power tower and your own body weight to work those muscles:

  • Body weight squat: minimum 10 reps.
  • Knee raises: minimum 10 reps.

Remember to take rests between sets that won’t exceed 2 minutes per time. Working your muscles doesn’t mean to strain them. Stick to a regular power tower workout regimen and you will see great results over time. If you wanna get a chiseled ab then you may consider looking for the best Ab wheels.


Power Tower Workout Plan
Power Tower Workout Plan

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