ProTemp PT-80-OFR Radiant Heating Review

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ProTemp PT-80-OFR Radiant Heating

It is that time of the year when you need adequate heat to make for comfortable living or working situations. The ProTemp PT-80-OFR Radiant heater is one appliance that does a good job of catering to your heating needs very quickly during the wintertime. With its solid steel construction, wide heat cover, ease of usage, and low noise output during operation, it is a great choice when deciding to get a heater.

Let us take a detailed look into the significant features that make this heater one of the top-rated heaters on the market today.

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Features of the ProTemp PT-80-OFR Radiant Heater

Strong Ergonomic Design

The ProTemp PT-80-OFR Radiant heater comes well designed to make for easy carrying from place to place. The space-friendly design makes it a great fit for any room size. The integrated ergonomic handle enables the easy carrying of this heater when it is needed in any part of the house or office. This heater is also equipped with a safety guard to preserve the flooring of the room where it is placed. The high-grade steel components of this heater make it very durable even with everyday wear and tear, lasting a good number of years

Wide Angle Heat Coverage 

The ProTemp PT-80-OFR Radiant heater provides heating cover up to 200 Square feet. This is courtesy of the 80,000 BTU it efficiently produces per hour and the glossy heat plate placed at the front. While providing adequate, rapid heat for small and big fixed areas, the engine runs very silently. This ensures that you are not disturbed even when it is running at optimal capacity. It also makes this heater a versatile brand as it can be used in heating building areas, workshops, and open warehouses

Quality Safety Measures 

This heater is very safe to use as it is equipped with several safety measures. It is equipped with a cooling fan to prevent overheating when it is used for a lengthy period. Apart from the cooling fan, it comes with an automatic shutoff function which helps to prevent overheating as well. There is a well placed on/off tip-over switch to ensure quick, easy switching on and off of this heater. 

6 Hours Of Use

This heater can be used to heat areas for as much as 6 hours on a full tank. The tank holds up to 4 gallons of fuel. This makes it the ideal appliance to use when there is a power outage during the cold times of the year. There is a well-placed gauge meter to check fuel levels when in operation to prevent engine knocks. Fire outbreaks that could occur from fuel spills are also prevented with the easy-grip design of the fuel cap.


  • Portable, ergonomic structure 
  • Up to 2000 square feet heat cover 
  • Versatile use 
  • Quiet running mode
  • Quality steel components 
  • Does not produce fumes when in operation 
  • High fuel efficiency 
  • Cooling fan to prevent overheating 
  • Top-notch safety features


  • The pressure gauge is not well placed 
ProTemp PT-80-OFR Radiant Heating Review
ProTemp PT-80-OFR Radiant Heating Review

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