Tamarac by Slippers International Men’s Cody Sheepskin Slipper Review

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Tamarac by Slippers International Mens Cody Sheepskin Slipper

A good number of us like to move around in comfortable footwear like sneakers. But the popularity of slippers has gone up in recent times. This is probably a result of the rise in foot pains, arthritic, and diabetic conditions. Orthopedic practitioners recommend slippers for people suffering from these medical conditions as a way of easing their moving around the home or residential surroundings. The Tamarac Cody Sheepskin Slippers by Slippers International is one that fits the bill in terms of comfort, foot pain relief, and surface traction.

We will now take a look at the features that make the Tamarac Cody Sheepskin Slippers among the highly rated slippers for men.

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Features Of The Tamarac by Slippers International Men's Cody Sheepskin Slipper

  • Upper Suede Lambskin Lining

The upper part of these slippers is made from a combination of quality, durable suede material, and soft sheepskin. This makes for a great comfort of the feet when walking and feet warm during the winter periods of the year. So, the Tamarac Cody Sheepskin Slippers is a great footwear around the house or when you want to engage in long-distance walks around the neighborhood or into town. The sheepskin lining of the slippers does keep the feet well ventilated even when they are worn for long. So no fear of moisture accumulation and foot odor arises. 

  • Spacious Design

The design of the Tamarac Cody Sheepskin Slippers is quite roomy. Your feet will not suffer from undue stress when walking, or be heated up from wearing it over a long period. The metatarsal region is also spacious, preventing the occurrence of swollen feet, hammertoes, or toes tightening up when walking. In other words, forefoot pressure is not to be feared while wearing this slip-on. The elastic bands on either side also make it a comfortable fit for men with large feet and easy taking off of the slippers. The cozy fleece inner linings make the feet feel comfortable, well supported, and free from stress when walking. 

  • Quality Rubber Outer Sole

The outer sole of the Tamarac Cody Sheepskin Slippers is constructed from high-grade rubber, just like the rubber used in making trail sneakers. The rubber outsole makes this slipper ideal for wearing outdoors without having to change into outdoor footwear. It is that versatile. The rubber sole comes with great surface traction properties suitable for taking on rough trails of the outbacks. It is also non-slip and waterproof, meaning it prevents falling when the wearer treads on slippery surfaces unexpectedly. 

  • Pull-off tab

The Tamarac Cody Sheepskin Slippers comes fitted with a pull-off tab made from suede at the rear. This makes for easy putting on and taking off of the slip-on as the case may be. 


  • Comfortable fitting 
  • Surface gripping rubber outsole 
  • No foot odor 
  • Quality suede material 
  • Pull tab makes it easy to wear and take off
  • Affordable 
  • Simple stylish design


  • The rubber sole can be noisy on certain home flooring 
  • The inner lining falls apart so fast in a short time
Tamarac by Slippers International Men’s Cody Sheepskin Slipper Review
Tamarac by Slippers International Men’s Cody Sheepskin Slipper Review

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