The Positives Of Outdoor Water Fountains

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Outdoor water fountains are attractive to homeowners, business owners, guests and overall aesthetics. The fountain may be placed in a private garden, public park or someone's yard; no matter where it is located, there are many benefits to having one of these soothing features. In the following piece, you will learn about some of the perks of having an outdoor water fountain.

The Relaxing Sound Of The Water

The soothing sounds of a water feature have made them a popular part of Buddhist monks' gardens for thousands of years. Meditation, a common part of Buddhist culture, is easily performed with a fountain present. Visualization exercises and modern meditation also benefit from the sounds of water features. There is proof that running water promotes a relaxing feeling for many people and for some, even allows for better sleep.

Getting on outdoor water fountain, like the ones at Outdoor Art Pros, induce a feeling of relaxation, whether the one is trying to focus on the sound of the water or it is simply background noise. The main reason why these fountains tend to induce the feeling of relaxation is because it blocks out other sounds that may be annoying, such as yapping dogs, people talking nearby, traffic noise and construction work.

Birds Love Fountains

An outdoor water fountain works as a natural extension of a bird feeder, which is a major advantage for those who like to have one. Since birds need water to preen, bathe and drink, they are drawn to areas that have water. There are some birds that are not drawn to bird feeders, including thrushes, warblers, orioles and robins; however, they do like water founds. In fact, most birds like running water better than still water, making birdbaths the less preferable option over outdoor fountains. Birds are drawn to the splash and trickle of fountains and can hear these sounds from far away.

Many Pets Love Outdoor Fountains

Pet owners who have a dog that likes spending time in the yard know how exciting it is for their pooch to have access to fresh waters. When the weather is warmer, as it often is in the summer months, man's best friend will drink water from any source they have access to. Believe it or not, most dogs like drinking from the water flow of a fountain just as much as they like having a full bowl of water. Water that is consumed from a bowl tends to drawn in insects, plant matter and drool, factors you do not have to worry about if you have an outdoor fountain.

Business Owners Will Have Happy Clients

When one walks by a business, the appearance of the storefront often plays a role in whether or not a customer or client wants to give them their business. Having an outdoor fountain gives a business an advantage over similar companies. Outdoor water features are helpful for salons, retail stores and yoga studios. Establishments that have outdoor seating, such as cafes, restaurants and bars, will attract new customers by a beautiful fountain. It produces a feeling that one can relax here, meaning people will want to keep coming back.

The Body And Brain Of A Human Adore Them

Dry environments can benefit from outdoor water fountains, as they add humidity to the air. This means they act as a natural air purifier, enticing and then removing harmful toxins from the air. There is even scientific evidence proving sources of flowing water naturally form negative ions, which in turn, improves both physical and mental health. It does so because negative ions increase levels of energy, naturally produce serotonin and decrease feelings of sadness and depression. Air conditioners and other electronic devices to get rid of negative ions as well, but are unable to reintroduce them to the air like moving water features can.

Feng Shui

In Chinese culture, Feng Shui, an ancient art of spatial arrangement, relies heavily on water. As a matter of fact, 'Feng Shui; translates to 'wind and water' in English. This ancient technique says water generates positive energy and restores balance in the environment. When an outdoor fountain is located in the front of a property and just flows one way, it represents prosperity and abundance.

The Positives Of Outdoor Water Fountains
The Positives Of Outdoor Water Fountains

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