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Velocity Exercise CHB-R2101 Recumbent Exercise Bike Review

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Best Value Velocity Exercise CHB-R2101 Recumbent Exercise Bike

With a two-way flywheel for added comfort, and smoother mechanisms, the Velocity Exercise CHB-R2101 Recumbent Exercise Bike is the powder-coated finish you’re looking for that at-home gym equipment. In-home equipment is automatically far more convenient, and probably more affordable than a gym membership. You may also wanna know how to use a recumbent exercise bike if you are just starting out.

So, which one do you buy? The Velocity CHB-R2101, also dubbed R2-101 (patent pending), is a great value purchase. If you’ve suffered from a knee injury, or if you have back, or neck pain, this exercise machine can benefit you, especially you. It’s easy to get on, and off. It’s easy to read with the display, and the magnetic resistance is a solid function.

Continue reading to see whether the pedals, and other features match what you’re looking for as well!


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Unique Features

They say I say this about all of them, but this Velocity Exercise CHB-R2101 really is a great value exercise bike. What makes it special?

  • The padded foot pedals with adjustable strapsEvery recumbent bike has a variation with the straps and pedals. Higher-end models have patented ayo-technology-like pedals. Lower-priced, and simpler machines don’t include the straps. Slipping may not seem like a huge issue, but it actually really can deter the comfort of your exercise, especially if you’re going on full-speed, and really exerting yourself. I put adjustable in bold because that’s also less common, and makes a bigger difference than you’d expect.
  • Two way flywheel for comfort 
  • The wheels for transportation and compact-ability 
  • Easy-to-read console: Distance, Calories , Hand-pulse
  • 250-pound weight capacityf

There are a lot of unique features to the Velocity Exercise CHB-R2101 Recumbent Exercise Bike, with additional features plus the compactness and foldability makes it an easy choice to buy. 

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Why Should I Buy the Velocity Exercise CHB-R2101 Recumbent Exercise Bike 

This brand has been around for many years, so they know what they’re doing. The adjustable pedals, the semi-comfortable seating, and handlebars (which you can easily use as an armrest), are very comfortable for continued use. It’s durable, and although the resistance levels don’t go as high as other models, like the Schwinn 270 or the Nautilus R614, or the Star Trac E-RB, but it gets the job done. It’s made for people who need exercise, but suffer from aches. It can also be very beneficial to overweight people, who are worried about straining their joints.

The Velocity Exercise CHB-R2101 Recumbent Exercise Bike, is overall, a simpler model, with a strong mechanism considering the price-range. At the same time, it only offers the minimum 8-level magnetic resistance. Let’s compare for kicks:

To compare the Velocity Exercise CHB-R2101 Recumbent Exercise Bike, to the Schwinn 270, would be like comparing a party venue, with lights, and a sound-system to a campfire. Both can be equally effective, depending on the experience you’re looking for.

The Schwinn 270 offers the range of programs, and much larger range of resistance levels. This is great, for people who want to further challenge themselves with higher resistance levels, and are looking for personalised programs. Plus, it has chamber speakers, and the sound of the mechanisms are minimal. You can listen to music, read or watch television without hearing that strange humming sound.

The Velocity Exercise CHB-R2101 doesn’t make the humming sound, and it doesn’t have the programs of a Schwinn 270. It’s a much simpler model, and is looking to appeal to other priorities like space, budget, and a far more debilitating leg/knee injury. With an 8-level resistance range, you’ll be able to gradually exercise your legs, without strain, and in a comfortable environment. Typically, customers upgrade to something once they’ve gotten into the habit of a recumbent exercise bike. So, it wins in terms of being compact, budget-friendly, and with an easier range of resistance levels. Look around the internet for resources to supplement your experience such as apps, and general information.

The Velocity Exercise CHB-R2101, in comparison to the Stamina 1350, employs the same magnetic resistance with 8 levels. Both are suitable, in this respect for people suffering from injuries. The Stamina 1350, falls short in various areas. The pedals don’t have straps, but they are oversized to fit various foot sizes, without the reliable grip of Velocity’s strap. The Stamina 1350 is durable, and for a minimal additional price, it offers a stronger console than the Velocity. As a durable mechanism, it can operate with minimal sound, and in terms of portability, the wheels have been added to move it easily from one area to another.

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What About the Technical Specifications? 

The technical specifications of  the Velocity CHB aren’t the strongest selling point. It offers the basic metrics you need, which are: Calories burnt, distance cycled, heart-rate, speed, and ODO.


Essentially, you have everything you need in terms of seeing how your physical condition is, while cycling. Higher-end products offer extensive programs, pre-set programs, and different tracking functions. They also include some integrated apps like the SchwinnConnect, aimed at helping you create an optimal workout. But don’t fret, there are a multitude of apps that you can find both for free, and for purchase to guide you towards a fitter lifestyle.

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Assembling Your Recumbent Bike

This part isn’t as hard as it may look. The instructions are very clear, and customers say it can take up to two hours, but it’s definitely manageable by yourself. Some of the recumbent bikes come in various parts, but this one is a somewhat simpler model, built for absolute ease-of-use.

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Pros & Cons

  • Easy readability 
  • ODO – which offers a more complex tracking of your progress
  • The Magnetic 8-level resistance mechanisms for your routine
  • Comfort
  • Adjustable pedal-straps for better grip

  • The heart of every recumbent bike, is the range of resistance levels. A Magnetic 8-Level Resistance range is usual for this price-range, and should suffice someone who is looking for a lighter cardiovascular workout, but would like to increase their stamina. Still, you can buy one with a wider range for a price that isn’t that much higher. 
  • We suggest supplementing it with other equipment like dumbbells, or a gym ball. That way you can enjoy a more varied workout routine. 

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Why We Love the Velocity CHB R-2101 Recumbent Bike and you will too!

When using the Velocity CHB R-2101, the Recumbent Exercise bikes you’ve seen before will be forgotten, and in the past. Cycle for as long as you’d like, with the comfort and relaxed approach for a lighter cardio routine. It’s up to you to set the pace, and you can easily get off whenever you’d like, which makes it ideal for those with knee injuries. We strongly recommend this model.  These 8 amazing tips to lose weight may help you get the body you wish you had.

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Velocity Exercise CHB-R2101 Recumbent Exercise Bike  Review
Velocity Exercise CHB-R2101 Recumbent Exercise Bike Review

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