Why Use Weight Lifting Gloves?

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To use gloves or not to use gloves, that is the question. A lot of gym goers ask themselves this question every day. Some avid fitness enthusiasts swear by weight lifting gloves, while others avoid them like the plague. For a regular Joe, understanding why use weight lifting gloves can represent a real dilemma. If you are wondering if they should be on your next purchase list, then you’ve come to the right place.

What are Weight Lifting Gloves?

These are the gloves you wear while weight lifting….no rocket science here. But wait a minute. You can actually wear them while doing other things too. Whether you are on a stationary bike or rowing, gym gloves can also come in handy.

Basically, weight lifting gloves are designed to protect your palm, your hands and your fingers. With weight lifting and carrying heavy dumbbells at the gym, your hand might be subject to abrasion and calluses. Sometimes they can get too painful, not to mention that they actually look very ugly. Weight lifting gloves serve as a protection against friction and abrasion.

However, deciding on whether should you use weight lifting gloves or not, is simply a matter of personal choice. Some people simply get irritated by the idea of gloves altogether. They feel that they are not able to move their hands the way they want to. Some people feel that they actually need to feel the weight. Nevertheless, there are a lot of fitness gurus and gym experts who swear by gloves and think that they must be included in every gym gear.

Why Use Weight Lifting Gloves?

Most fitness gurus believe that gloves give you a better grip on weight bars. As you work out at the gym, your hands might start to get sweaty. Combine sweat with smooth metal and you get a slip. This has accidents all written over it, right? However, in case accidents do happen, check out Bengal Law However, gloves can actually make your workout session safer and a lot more fun. Just make sure that you pick a breathable material that will keep your hands cool.

Because gloves are designed to protect your hands from excessive friction, they will definitely help you avoid hand calluses. Hand calluses and blisters can be very painful and are not exactly very pretty to look at. A painful blister can stop you from carrying your weights no matter how tough you are. Nevertheless, some people just love having them because they make them feel more of a bad ass. However, if you are concerned about the beauty of your hands, then it will be gloves all the way.

With heavy weights, you might start to feel too much pressure especially around your wrist. Gloves can give some support and help you carry heavier weights successfully. It is like having an extra band of ligaments that will support your wrist while carrying heavier loads. If you are asking yourself what are the best weight lifting gloves, then you need to pick something that is durable, breathable and supportive.

Are you still asking why use weight lifting gloves? There are a lot of accessories that can make your workout time more fun and actually safer. Gloves are definitely on the list. They will give you support where needed and help you go beyond your limit. To avoid feeling restricted, you can always go for a fingerless model. Some models will support the palm only, while others will have a wrist wrap. There are a lot of models and options to choose from. All you need is to give them a try and see how it goes.

Why Use Weight Lifting Gloves?
Why Use Weight Lifting Gloves?

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